Cloud Migration Services

With Cloud Migration Services, you have the ability to move applications and workloads to the cloud provider of your choice with ease. 3Qube Consulting will help plan, oversee, and execute the end-to-end migration process.

Our teams leverage virtualization and cloud migration tools in 30% less time than most companies. We have a proven, repeatable process that help us mitigate risks and provide a very high success rate.

Planning & Preparation

  • Clearly identify scope
  • Validate migration flow

Inventory Discovery

  • Collect server sizing information
  • Identify clustered servers
  • Scan network segments for additional servers

Migration Scheduling

  • Obtain schedule approval
  • Group Servers into Workloads
  • Verify the VMware environment will support the servers

Change Management & Approval

  • Right size servers
  • Complete change management requirements
  • Obtain technical approvals

The migration should be planned in stages (before, during, and after migration) for each workload moving to the cloud. Some applications can be easily moved to the cloud, while others will require modifications to work properly, which takes longer and requires special tools.The workloads will need to be tested before they are brought online to make sure the servers, networks, and other services work with each other. There may be some downtime during the cut-over phase, so this will also be part of the migration planning.

Preparation is the key to making all of this possible – you need to have the best plan in place for a smooth cloud migration. The process can have a lot of moving parts, and the ideal scenario is to have the support of an experienced cloud migration partner. 3Qube can provide the expertise to ensure the process goes smoothly and the outcomes are what you expect