5 Reasons Your Business Should Have Hosted Backup in Place

Hosted Backup that looks after the entire backup process of a small business relieves the pressure of existing in a threat-heavy business landscape where downtime can be crippling.For More Visit IT Services in Houston

According to a National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) small business survey, 41 percent of businesses back up their business data daily while 21 percent do it multiple times per day. Those figures are still far too low which means it leaves many of these businesses are left with no comprehensive recovery strategy. 

But beyond giving business owners a solution to outages and disasters, backup and disaster recovery services provide many more benefits to organizations. Here are 5 reasons your business should have hosted backup in place.

#1. Avoid Downtime and Data Loss

While your workforce is the number one resource contributing to business success, your data is a close second. The work produced through application access cuts across every aspect of the business from sales and marketing to HR, engineering, customer service, accounting and more. The downtime that could come from losing access to this data or losing it all together could lead to loss of business, clients, and even legal complications among others.

While the answer is to have a data backup system in place, it’s imperative to have an offsite backup as well to be secure from downtime. With hosted backup, the hosting provider maintains the backup equipment and monitors the backup process. They have the expertise and systems to ensure that the data is faithfully backed up day after day and can be restored when needed.

#2. Improved Speed of Data Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan in place with the ability to get your small business back up and running fast can have far-reaching consequences for the business as we’ve discussed. The right hosted backup provider can support nearly instant restoration of the data and files regardless of the location. They can help you to determine how much data you can afford to lose between backup points (Recovery Point Objective) and the duration of time the business can be down before it negatively impacts the business. This varies based on the business needs and the sector.For more details please visit IT Services in Houston

#3. Maximize Workforce Productivity and the Bottom Line

Downtime means your workforce cannot work, and that means a loss of clients, customers and income. Having 24/7 backup and support can ensure that business operations can remain virtually uninterrupted so that productivity, communication and customer service are unaffected.For more details please visit IT Services in Houston

#4. Ensure Data Security at Rest and In Transit

It’s not safe to leave on-site backups without encryption. The process of backing up data to the cloud can be even more problematic without the best encryption. In a cloud backup solution, the hosted backup provider handles the encryption of data at rest and in transit while making sure that you are the only one with the encryption key that provides access to that data. This can be vital for every business but is particularly important for small businesses with regulatory compliance considerations that require the protection of digital data governed by HIPAA, SOX or PCI.

#5. Better Use of IT Resources

On-site backup storage has finite space and increasing that storage comes at a cost. There are maintenance and monitoring needs with on-site backup which can strain IT resources from personnel to budget. Hosted backup brings the expertise, technology and scalable cloud storage They can set up, monitor and make sure that only the new data is backed up every day, which minimizes storage costs and the need for IT support for monitoring.

Backing up data to a cloud-hosted environment can accommodate any small business’s needs whether they are simple or complex. Knowing where and how to build on the benefits of the cloud that go beyond hosted backup requires a sound cloud strategy. The right cloud consulting services partner can help your small business to plot your strategy for today and tomorrow’s growth, security and disaster recovery in the digital era.