Elevating Your Business with Strategic IT Solutions

Our highly skilled and experienced team will tailor our approach to your company’s complex infrastructure.


SAP Services

We offer SAP SME level expertise to help organizations transform their visions into realities through a combination of the latest business methodologies and technological tools. We understand how critical it is for you to keep your SAP solution up and running 24×7 and therefore 3Qube has a dedicated off-site SAP team to quickly resolve any bottlenecks along with optimizing SAP as per your business needs.


Disaster Recovery As a Service

Data loss can cost you big – an average of $9,000, according to one Spiceworks x Carbonite study. Our industry-leading solutions will help your small business run smoothly, no matter what comes your way. From disaster recovery planning to data backup and recovery, and everything in between, we’re here for you 24/7.


Virtual CIO

Leadership roles can be difficult to delegate out when you run a small business; more often than not, small business owners wind up wearing all the c-suite hats at once. But the CIO hat is one you really want on the head of someone with extensive technology experience, which is why we offer a virtual CIO service. Get all the expertise you need, without the hefty salary weighing down your payroll!


Cybersecurity Offerings

Keep your business one step ahead of cybercriminals with our proactive cybersecurity solutions. We address potential vulnerabilities before they become a problem.


Cloud Migration & Consulting

You are anxious to get your applications into the cloud but have no idea where to start? Our team will consult with you to make sure you choose the right model for your infrastructure, and from there we can also guide you through the end-to-end migration process, leveraging our proven process to get you into the cloud 30% faster than the competition. Planning, inventory, scheduling, change management – we’re here to help with it all.


IT Infrastructure Assessment

Small businesses can be easy prey for hacking, viruses, and malware – don’t let this happen to you! We’ll do a thorough risk assessment, comparing your current infrastructure and data storage to industry-leading best practices. Once we’ve compiled our report, you can get started designing a proactive IT strategy to protect your business from all sides (and if you need help with that part too, we’re here for you)!

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